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ÖZMAK  MAKiNA  SAN. VE TiC. LTD. ŞTİ. was founded by Özbey NART in İzmir, Menderes near to Adnan Menderes Airport , 1975 and with 3500  m2  indoor, 3000 m2 outdoor totally 6500 m2  facility area has been keeping to  provide service.

Firstly, ÖZMAK MAKİNA was producing foundry machines and hydraulic press brakes but since 1990, thanks to developing projects, has started to produce shot blasting machine.

Today, ÖZMAK that dominates %80 of market share of Turkey and exports to many countries such as Russian, Ukrain, Middle East Countries etc. is business partner of many industries that are steel & foundry industry, LPG industry, steel construction industry, agriculture machine industry, wheel and automotive industry, marble industry etc. Therefore, with wide own experience and innovative developing a point of view, ÖZMAK keeps leader position in this industry.

ÖZMAK MAKINA that owns two brands ÖZMAK & ÖZKUM has some quality certificates such as ISO 9001-2015, CE etc. In addition, with many agents that are located over the world and broad service  network ÖZMAK keeps to stand on way without compressing quality and service mentality.


Export Countries

- Bulgaria
- Algeria
- Palestine
- Georgia
- Iraq
- Iranian
- Spain
- Egypt
- Poland

- Russia
- Senegal
- Sudan 
- Syria
- Saudi Arabia
- Ukraine
- Jordan
- Greece